24v dc Powered roller conveyors

24V DC Powered Roller Conveyors

Smart, economical, flexible. GMH’s new generation of 24v dc conveyor modules are the most versatile and durable systems available, assuring highest availability and flexibility for future growth.

System extensions or reconfigurations are possible without significant structural changes. Additional modules perfectly dovetail into the existing conveyor line, with minimal application engineering work required on-site.

The use of standard components, highly efficient drive technology, and the lack of pneumatics are only some of the reasons why our systems will provide you with best-in-class payback times.

The latest 24 v dc roller technology allows GMH to provide its customers with the most energy efficient and enviromentally friendly  conveyor systems currently available.

The advantages of  our 24v dc conveyor system over standard belt driven and lineshaft driven conveyors are as follows;

·      Smooth and quiet operation (<60dba).

·      Zero pressure accumulation can be achieved by enhancing the control system without the need for major mechanical changes and the use of pneumatics.

·      The speed of the conveyor system can be easily changed without the need for costly inverters.

·      Very energy efficent when compared to 400v ac motors. The rollers only run on demand therefore saving energy. No pneumatics are required to achieve zero pressure accumulation again this saves energy.

·      Easily reconfigurable due to the modular design.

·      Low maintenance.

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